About Ergox2 In English

Our experience gave us clues and our curiousity led to new knowledge


For years we serviced the top riders in Sweden

Jan Brink, Hannell Stables, Louise Haaga, Algotsson. Magnus Gällerdal, And we made a difference for horses.

But as we learned more, we needed new solutions.

Ergonomics for the rider, is not researched enough and often the rider had to accept a saddle that suited the horse, but was not optional for the rider. This is one reason for our research.


There is plenty of riding instruction on how to sit, but no real knowledge about the base. In fact riders struggle with seats that prevent them from sitting correct and force their bodies in to a double action. First keeping their balance, and then sitting correct from a judging standard.This tension is causing a lot of bad communication wiht the horse, and it is often painful for the rider. The solution we found was simple.The ERGO X2 concept was born and in the fall of 2014 we were ready for launch.



Testimonials are flowing in.

Riders seam to have accepted to fight for a good seat, far to long. Our first customer could not believe that she could suddenly sit upright with ther feet under, with no struggle.

The next rider found that she was no longer tilted sideways or leaning forward.

Next lady had been suffering backpain for years, and given up jumping. She messaged us that her pain was gone, and they were jumping again.

Another rider has a hot horse. After 5 minutes she could let the reins go and control her horse with the legs.

The professional rider, who was sore all over, to the point were she was loosing sleep, unable sit correct no matter what saddle she used. She reported that the horses behaved different, toplines were changing, and she is pain free.

Riders whos horses would be to hot and always run after landing, found that their new seat calmed the horses, and jumping higher was no longer impossible.

We received a letter that moved us to tears, from a young rider who had lost her confidence in herself after switching to horse from pony. She had never being able to make the horse listen to her. She was now riding with ease the way she always dreamed of riding. She even put the saddle on her 23 year old pony, and he jumped better than he had done the 12 years she had owned him. Now we are getting positive feedback from male riders, who sufferd backpain for years.


Not a mircale, only logic.

A rider needs to be in neutral position to give the horse proper signals, in balance without static strain.

A saddle can help to find this position. Our understanding of how to do this, has allowed us to build a saddle that will do this for a large majority of the riders. ( even the men who tried it, reported positive.)

We still have a long way to go, to analyze more riders, and develop more seatshapes based on different rider frames. This is what drives us forward.

Horse fit. Our first model, Confidence is a short base saddle, allowing more shape in the horse, high rear, high withers, large shoulders, and short backs.( It works well on a normal horse aswell.) We will release our first dressage saddle during 2015.


We believe in a whole new way of making saddles. making riding easier and more rewarding for both horse and rider.

If you feel curious, inspired and eager to join us in to the future of saddles. Contact us.

We are preparing to train fitters in Europe and USA and will be looking for serious partners who are interested in their customers success.



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For more information contact us at maria@ergox2.com

Realising a horse true potential will always be a challenge.

With 40 years of female experience from riding and working with horses, we found ways to bring many riders one steps closer to achieving their dream of how it should feel.

The ergo team is taking on the challenge of bringing the best out of your horse, by changing the way you sit and the way the saddle handles the forces of movement.


We have fitted saddles for 15 years,and after 8000 horses it was time!

We did pressuretests, worked closely with physios and learned about the biomechanics every day. We now have a clue and we also know what we don´t know. That is what drives our research forward.

All these years we were fortunate to work with the best riders and saddlemakers in the world. We follow how breeding, conformation, balance and movement influences the saddle.

Then We questioned how the platform for sitting influenced the riders ability to sit correct, and we found solutions. Finally the ergox2 concept came together. We are bursting with joy, when sharing the results with riders. Who´s seat, horse and experience of riding is fundamentally changed by finding their natural balance.



Our mission is to make it possible for every rider to own a saddle that realises their own and their horses true potential. An experience that can only be described as flow.




In picture some of the Scandinavian fitters

who work with ErgoX2.

Are you ready to change the way you look at saddles?


Then you need to let go of the struggle. We aim to make you perfectly connected.

An ergonomic saddle will change the way you and your horse feel about riding:

Download our English introduction here.

Maria Hallring head designer and leading the Ergox2 team.

Experience 43 years of riding.

20 years of working with saddles & productdesign aswell as marketing. She is also teaching in saddle fitting and involved with rehabilitation of horses.

Her soul focus is to allow horses to be sound and remove everything that get in the way. Doing less, listening to the horse more, is her approach .


Nelson Pessoa once said to me. -Maria do you realise that horse are not made for riding. it is fantastic that we can ride them.

Ergo Confidence come in printed or calfskin leathers.

We use flocked round panels & laminated trees.

In Sweden the retail prise starts at 1850 Euro.


Below our amazing dressage saddle that is being used by GP dressage riders as well as competing Islandic riders i n Sweden.

This sadlldes features a unique combination of an easy to fit close contact saddle, and a ergonomical seat that allows the pelvis to be in neutral position allowing the leg to fall naurally placing the riders foot right under the rider, with no struggle to either find or keep the position for most riders.

Contact us: +46 70 729 60 80